Finding home

I like most animals.  They may want to eat you, but they don’t do the casual cruelties that humans do.  But I especially love dogs, and I’ve almost never met one that didn’t like me.  So shelter dogs at risk for being put down hurts.  One artist is making art, surreal and beautiful art at that to publicize that shelter dogs are lost, not caged and pitiable victims.  For a month she is doing art from submitted pictures of shelter dogs. Her photo manipulations are gorgeous.

When we domesticated wolves into pomeranians to pit bulls, we signed up for the long haul, same as any other domesticated animal. We encouraged certain aspects over these thousands of years, so we owe it to care for them as they are no longer wild.   They don’t just disappear because people get bored or squeamish.  Losing their homes is not necessarily their fault when health or financial losses force these separations. I hope all these dogs get new homes.

shelter dog and butterfly by Sarolta Bán