About the Agency of Heroes

Why do so many people admire villains, heaping fame and success on jerks?  Those are people and characters who make little if any effort to do anything that isn’t to get ahead or get their way.

Much of mainstream media doesn’t value heroes or those who try to bring the fire back to others from hero’s journey.  The myths that underlay our culture may have broken or dead heroes, but praise  and riches were not heaped on those who deliberately make the wrong choices.  We need more heroes, flawed or virtuous, and less rewarding the mean.  Here on this blog I plan to speak about the heroes who make the world a little better and even babble about the fictional ones of mine who pass or may fail their tests.

Along with heroes are villains, those who fail at their original tests, or fall from being admirable through their deliberate actions.  Accident or attacks don’t make villains, villains are revealed in how they treat others around them, especially when they have power over others. A hero may fail in his quest, but a villain doesn’t try.

This blog is by and for the musings of the writer Marie Dowd: on my writing and any related topics in fiction and what is called reality.  I haven’t published anything yet, but hopefully that will come this year.  I currently write in fantasy primarily, but my interests include mystery and science fiction too.

Links on this site may lead to products for which the owner may receive compensation. This is currently Holly’s How to Think Sideways  and related writing classes, which I reccommend.

Images used in this blog are taken from Flicker’s Creative Commons images, requiring attribution and little to no changes. The images below don’t have space for attribution.

  • background doorway: photo by Kurt Thomas Hunt
  • page banner image of fan: photo by Gregory Brown, I used only the top half of the image
  • Marie’s avatar image: photo by Okko Pyykkö, attributed under Creative Commons 2.0 with minor changes as under CC.
  • Special Seasonal image: Oh Christmas Tree! by martinak15 — attributed under the Creative Commons 2.0 without changes

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