Pool’s Open?

Some traditions and folk lore were originally grounded in common sense. ‘Red sky at morning…’ said bad weather was coming.  If a crop was ‘knee high by the fourth of July,’ it would be a good harvest. Others seem cause an outdated and pointless self-induced jet-lag, like daylight saving time, when we use electricity morning and night. Another tradition that might be good to retire is the opening of pools on Memorial day.  Some pools are year-round, so this Memorial day pool opening tradition isn’t relevant)

Modern Thermal Bath, from Explore Italian Culture

If we’re going to get upset about warming climate since the last ice age ten thousand years ago, we must admit that we need to adapt if we want to survive. More active storms aren’t the only way weather will change modern life: summer will be longer.  And hotter.  Even a predicted twenty degree change won’t remove winter and snow where I live, as we have stretches of winter where it stays near 0F for weeks.  Twenty degrees warmer is still below freezing, so winter isn’t going away anytime soon.

So it’s warmer all the time, and we won’t have to be as concerned about the water pipes freezing. (that would have helped me with those frozen pipe last year) Oh, we have air conditioning and major storm warnings here in the 21st century to help with the physical changes. What we also should start to consider is how we will adapt socially. How will we change the way we live?

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