Definitions and Policies

In case it is not clears in other material on this site, this is a personal blog of opinions and notable events that catch the my attention.   Topics will often lean toward heroism, writing and morality tales.

Some books read will be mentioned, and as I gain skill, I hope to reach publishable quality.  I look for useful comments and suggestions, and understand that any prose is imperfect. (Accurate typing is a challenge, as a start) So I want to be able to express my story in a way that might short-cut that lack of my brownie scout telepathy badge.  I will try to amend my writing if I messed up grammar or typing quickly.  More subtle errors may or may not be fixed, as I don’t think it’s a good idea to get fixed on one story without end. I have other stories to tell.

[On Privacy] On a more important note, I consider privacy and safety to be very important, in real life and especially online.  The recent events with EC suing  Dear Author over an analysis, and the Katherine Hale/Guardian posting that was gleeful about stalking, things have gotten a little insane.  Many sites have considered the evidence and weighed in in the pettiness and the growing consensus is that more people need to accept that commentators, including female ones, must be allowed to give negative reviews about books and video games without threats and attacks.    Punishing a current review because of previous trolls is highly unethical.  Outing someone because of a bad review is childish and petty.  Stalking them is a CRIME.  Attacking them is a CRIME.

Most of us are here in blog-land because we like stories and writing.  The writer tells the story, but isn’t and shouldn’t be the story because they are more than the stories they write.  Pen names are not an issue here.  I don’t care where you live, what you do, or if you are typing your comments with a toothbrush on a Univac terminal.  I don’t care if you have a different penname for every publisher and genre.  I don’t care must about avatar names, as long as it’s not foul.  I just care about opinions (especially supported ones), creativity/writing, and a certain level of civility to your fellow netizens.  That is what I want to be, and what I expect in any net area that I moderate.

[ARCs, e-ARCs, library copies, and discounted books]

Book costs have gone up far more than my income, so many books I read will be free or discounted.  Library copies are free, but one of my current must have been sitting in some water for a while.  At least I hope it was water.  I was briefly signed up for a Kindle ARCs but the process of getting and reviewing the ones they sent was more than I enjoyed those books.  There are newsletters and websites that track discounted and free e-books through various distributions.    I am slightly more likely to give a negative review and it’s easier to say why with those.  I also buy a shrinking number of physical books.

[on links to books]

I make links to books on Amazon, for convenience. I don’t have one of those affiliate deals.  I don’t expect to, as I do my reviews to praise what is good, and note what could be much better.  If that ever would change, I will note it here.

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