We have a problem, Houston…

At least I have a better computer than they did back in the day.

My old laptop’s hard drive began to play the whine of doom last fall. to the point where I risked that purchase from the cheezy and absent site. Once that was slightly redeemed, I ordered a refurb (my budget was reduced as the refund was tied up). This time I got from a dealer that I’d dealt with over more than a decade and I got the extended warranty because it was a refurb. Good thing as it could not even run the win 8.1 update. So after RL techies tried to fix and the manufacturer too, back it went. Then I had to wait for the replacement, which works better. Now during the last week, my router went senile. That replacement is also on its way (Funny, I don’t consider a week through USPS to be worth express shipping fee. I may be speaking to Amazon. Five weeks since I had a reliable computer. arggh. I’m using a borrowed computer, one that’s ten years old and running XP because it’s too slow to run anything newer.

(Personally. I now suspect I never got into writing for many years because I did everything longhand. Longhand requires too much of my attention to accomplish much.)

Just to keep things interesting, we had pipes freeze in the record cold and a nasty cold did not breeze through quickly. Sometime this week I hope everything will be up and running and I can get something done. I had some writing goals for February, but the biggest have only a slim chance in the next week. There is no way gimp will run on the oldest computer. (Which I also hope to replace in March)

If There’s Not Always Heroes, There Can Be Villains

My computer’s hard drive started the death whine of a bad hard drive.  And while it isn’t too hard to add or replace one on a desktop I must use a laptop due to space issues.  Replacing that is another kettle of fish.

Stretching the old one into spring became unlikely and early last month I started looking for a replacement,  I run more budget than flash and found a seller of the model I wanted.  It was a better place than Amazon of my regular dealer.  I checked the seller, Zoppels.com, and found one report. Now even good companies will get the occasional bad report, so that didn’t bother me. The other third party places I found them had nothing or had nothing particularly bad.

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