Hello, World!

That is the traditional way to start, isn’t it?  An author blog is suggested for any wishing to publish, but I admit this took a lot longer than writing a NaNo draft because it requires more reflection on what is important for my writing, more important than any one world or character.  Sure I could ramble on about my apprenticeship in fanfic, which is writing with training wheels.  But much bigger, real, paid writers have started there, so it’s not a new idea.  After that reflection I decided I should start where I started in writing: where heroes are eliminated because it’s convenient.

Hero is not really a four letter word and villains should not be admired and praised.  In too much of pop culture of fiction, video, and games the hero is an endangered species, not just someone with his fanny in a bear trap.  Glory is not permanent, but grinding the hero into nothing and lauding bad behavior is a danger sign.  Heroes teach us that dragons can be beaten, and we have a lot of dragons.  We need more heroes.