The TBR fiasco

I had cut back on book reading a few years ago, closer to a decade.  The budget was tight, and I had many great books to reread and a few I hadn’t that were stored in an unheated room.  I was deep in the timesuck that was a wonderful MMO that had no subscription.  But all things end, and I fell into writing and fanfiction.

grains falling through hourglass

In Search of Lost Time by Alexander Boden on flickr, without changes, per Creative Commons.

That takes even more time and energy.

But late in 2014, I realized that I had gotten way too narrow, reading only fanfic and the occasional ebook.  So in the early fall I decided to make a go at some I’d gotten in error or by mistake with the TBR challenge from another site.  The main problem is that most of these books had already been rejected and I wasn’t that desperate. I ran out of books by authors I liked and ones I misplaced.  They weren’t good enough to warrant a good review, and weren’t so terrible that others needed to be warned.

With the holidays, I got some gift cards, great for electronic or used although I considered something something less useful:a food processor. So far, I’m enjoying the new books added to my TBR pile.

That stack didn’t shrink much and I suspect I should bite the bullet and give them to a local library to lend or sell.  And extra irony is that some in that pile were there because they were gifts from the library used sale… and could have been donated by me when I didn’t like them when they were published 25 years ago.  I hate donating gift items, but I can’t force myself to like the stories…  I just have to do a serious thinning of my collection because trade paperbacks take more than their fair volume of space.  When a book is rejected too often and I try to force myself to read over my subconscious’ urges, it almost never ends well.

But that TBR is changing to not just read but also remove sometimes without angst. I often keep them, in case I was just in the ‘wrong mood’ or short on time.  Those condition are usually true, and a good book will pull me in, not make me crazy.   Why waste time and shelf space on books I don’t enjoy?  So, I’m ending my own TBR challenge.  I’ll read what I want when I have the time to read, and comment only if it is noteworthy or cringeworthy.  All books come from a TBR pile and time is too short.