Belated Year in Review

Well, that was 2015.  With three cases of flu/pneumonia, I’m only getting up to speed again here in February. 2015 had some new writing achievements: I published several flash/short collections. I submitted for several publications, and I participated in an indie invitational collection. The collections haven’t sold all that much, but discussion seems to point to ten or twenty items for sale before it begins to snowball.  So for that I need to do a LOT more short fiction.
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Whew, that’s a Big Task!

Now that I’ve had a couple of days to relax after that big sprint that is NaNo, I can look at revisions. The last original NaNo novel, a moderately epic fantasy about empowerment and freedom bogged down, because I could see problems overall, but had no idea what to do and how to start.

Shuffle them words!

Shuffle them words!

This year I decided to work on shorter fiction. Novels end up being like you putting all your eggs in one basket  and feedback (and hopefully) compensation lag way behind. So I worked hard, and finished five collections of mostly flash stories. I might be able to finish another set before the end of the year. I’d hoped for seven, so I could release an omnibus with fifty with the new year. Usually during most NaNo runs, I can write my 2k words plus a few short stories and such as a break.  This year, just NaNo was finished by the skin of my teeth.

I doubt I can sustain the 1500/day that I could do before the arrival of two new roomies. That doesn’t even include non-fiction writing, like blogs and tool/app experiments, and those can’t be cut much. It’s beginning to appear I cannot do any mix of short and long fiction.  Long is so much more labor intensive, and there I need second opinions. But I did make minuscule Kindle sales with the shorts. Which should I put my efforts towards for December? I can’t stop writing for the holidays, or it takes months to regain momentuum. Revising the NaNo w could take all my time for months, but so can the shorts collections treadmill.

As the Word Turns, pt 1

Still leaving aside the continuing drama of computers and routers (latest score: computers limping before final death 2, defective or fraud computer purchases 2, working router 1, router maker reluctant to send a RA 1) I’m trying to keep up on my writing despite these issues. I hit my goals for here and flash stories already.

I returned to work on a revision, because leaving unfinished projects gnaws at me. At issue is that I have three major revisions, one which has a July 1st deadline, the others less strict.  These revisions are jockeying for my attention and I want to work on them all.

But I can’t duplicate myself, and time is limited. I worked on one over the weekend, but while I’m not exactly blocked on it, the rewrite is not exactly flowing either. I planned to start the July one in earnest next month, as it’s copyedit stuff. The third has more extensive revisions and I want the others off the deck first.  Later tonight I may try to coax the one computer in hospice to cough up a gimp-made image for my flash collection.

That and watch Flash tonight.  It’s research… right?