That Perfect Point in Time

I write some stuff that could be classed as urban fantasy. (It’s not ready for prime time) But I made the trigger event be in 2016 and to my total dismay I discovered a perfect theme song for my lead… that came out about two years later. I cannot move the trigger event, and the world has changed so they can’t get it later when it really came out.

old metal gears

Crane Gears by Kevin Utting, attributed under Creative Commons 2.0

I would love having my lead use a lyric’s text to gird themselves as bad things go down. Everything is dark in my current chapter, and even taking heart is a good thing.

I will probably find a weaker song, or just have it on my playlist when I write for battle.

But it is a missed opportunity, because of a missed point in time…


Hunt the Manxome Foe

Heroes are often warriors and fire fighters who protect, but those healers who repair the hurts and console the lost are as important.

One excellent advance is finding a way to deal with antibiotic resistance.  The stronger and stronger antibiotics have nasty side effects and may not work.  Jorn Bolstad Christensen got a patent for breaking the antibiotic resistance, and it’s one of those great repurposings of an existing medicine so it should be quick.  It’s an isomer, a left hand and milder version, a win-win, and should be inexpensive.  If pharma don’t want to undercut the current market, the chemist would rather donate it than let it wither.

“Hero” is slung around for too many famous, but heroes not only have to do good, but also be worthy of respect in behavior and motives.  Making sure this gets made even if he has to give it away, makes him a hero.

(Column title is of course from Lewis Carroll)