The clock of NaNo Doom

Every year I reserve the last two weeks for NaNo prep. Some years it goes better than others.  2019 has achieved an abysmal low.

On the 17th my computer’s power supply cacked out. Would not recharge.  To make it extra fun I had some governmental paperwork, that could not even be done over the phone as the governmental eforms also cacked.  A rushed search for a new universal power supply and then a second universal power supply and I was good or a day and a half.

black whirlpool in the water

Whirlpool by David O’Hare. Attribution under Creative Commons 2.0

Then then that stopped charging.  Holding it in hard made connection, but not enough to charge.  The socket to the motherboard came loose, and my tech said that people don’t do that kind of welding any more.

It was a five year laptop, that had already had 3 fans and 2 keyboards.  Some keys were starting to stick again and the case grill had cracked off.  I’d used it hard, but I was going to have to suck it up and finally leave Win 8.1 for the supposed bliss of a touch based interface.

That is actually why I don’t want it even after 48hrs of working on set up.  There’s hidden settings, and control panel is NOT default present in the start menu.  I’ve been having an ongoing issue that mouse ro;;over in both sometimes desktop and very frequent browser acts like a right mouseclick.  It’s not an ad and fussing with settings didn’t help.  I reduced the issue about 75% when I disabled touch screen in my browser.  But it still happens, with a syster right click blocking what I’m working on.

It is a more powerful machine, but the ONLY neat feature was that my active desktop background appeared automagically when I logged in on the first boot.  I’m still waiting for that burst of enlightenment and joy Win10 promised.

Make sure you back up into the cloud, its way better than any of the old hardware solutions.  Backup your bookmarks and anything you do creative. Expect to take days to weeks to recover.

And try not to have a disaster near NaNo.

A Special Layer of Hell

There probably is a special layer of hell where the sinner has to suffer all the aggravations, accidental and deliberate, of trying to update electronic equipment.  March 25th I started a rush set-up to replace my mother’s laptop with the bad power supply and on April 1st, my own arrived, with an outdated set of drivers for connecting to update the dreaded Win 8 and drivers.  Once both computers had been updated, core applications installed, and Easter passed, my tolerance for tech issues is at an all time low.

A game update let me vent aggravation for most of the last week.  So this week additional set up is  being reduced.  My muse is starting to get twitchy at only revision and non-writing tasks.

As the Word Turns, pt 1

Still leaving aside the continuing drama of computers and routers (latest score: computers limping before final death 2, defective or fraud computer purchases 2, working router 1, router maker reluctant to send a RA 1) I’m trying to keep up on my writing despite these issues. I hit my goals for here and flash stories already.

I returned to work on a revision, because leaving unfinished projects gnaws at me. At issue is that I have three major revisions, one which has a July 1st deadline, the others less strict.  These revisions are jockeying for my attention and I want to work on them all.

But I can’t duplicate myself, and time is limited. I worked on one over the weekend, but while I’m not exactly blocked on it, the rewrite is not exactly flowing either. I planned to start the July one in earnest next month, as it’s copyedit stuff. The third has more extensive revisions and I want the others off the deck first.  Later tonight I may try to coax the one computer in hospice to cough up a gimp-made image for my flash collection.

That and watch Flash tonight.  It’s research… right?


Is it illegal to shoot vultures circling over you?

I’m forcing myself to write despite my severe unhappiness with my computer issues.  Not that I have issues with computers, I love the things.  Unless I’m sleeping, exercising, or eating (and I try to cheat a little there), I usually have a computer running in my lap.

But when my old HP workhorse went south it left me more than a little lost.  The only time distraction quiet a little is between midnight and dawn.  So I can sleep or spend half of my days wasted due to sleep deprivation.  At best I think I may be able to try another computer in a week and live on hope.

I’ve been writing a lot of flash stories lately, but they are much grimmer than I prefer.  I wish I knew why.  The only thing I’ve thought of is that horror and fear are quicker and easier to grab in a small space.   Does anyone have a better idea?