Nano lesson #6

Well, the good NaNo news is that I am making slow progress against that deficit after that crash and burn. I should catch up by Saturday. You might be wondering if I got the ‘much better progress?’ I have. Instead of taking two or three sessions totaling about eight hours of struggle, I’m doing a trifle more than the 1667 quota in three of four hours in the evening. The extra hours immediately went to other things: A long-delayed roof repair became possible yesterday, an excellent idea as we are supposed to be getting five inches of snow today. Right now in fact. The other thing was that an invitational flash story for a collection is due today, so I chopped a fifth out, rewrote, and begged for some beta comments to do final tweaks. Twenty hours I really don’t have during NaNo.

I also think that teaching writing/inspirational people should not plan major seminars during NaNo, especially when they make great steps to make sure it won’t be available after NaNo is over and cannot be downloaded… It’s not like the dates for NaNo are unknown after this long.


Albert Anker's Eine Gotthelf-Leserin, 1884

Wolf G photo of Albert Anker’s Eine Gotthelf-Leserin, 1884, creative commons 2

It is important to not get so obsessed with writing that you stop reading, especially for pleasure. Research reading really should be put off for later, something quick and easy when sweating over revisions. Else you fall into the rabbit hole of research and you look up with your writing time is gone. [Describe what detail you want or need] and just keep going!

But reading for fun is important as a piece of pie is to your eating. It may not seem important compared to that word quota, but it does far more for your mental health. The first and most important thing is that it brings joy and humor after whatever frustration your NaNo project is feeding you. It reminds you of why you want to write, why you love the written word and good characters. And thirdly, there is usually some serendipity, something you read will trigger an idea for some problem area. Last night I realized I was missing an evil temple in my story when I was commenting on another’s posting. I hurried off to record the idea for my own chapter. Should get there about Monday!

A half hour off to read something else is a very valuable expenditure of time in NaNo, Just don’t go wild and avoid the writing. Make it 30 minutes or so and use a timer like your writing sprints if that helps.

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