NaNo Lesson #2

If at all possible try to clear all the recurring tasks in the last days of October.  Yes, yes, Halloween dressup and candy are fun, but a late party just drains time and energy. (And really, Target, what is the point of sending me an email about featuring boy’s halloween costumes on November 3rd late in the day?  So many things have already switched over to Christmas bazaars and craft fairs in the next week. Let’s focus on no Christmas movie marathons before Halloween!) Get the groceries early. Do that laundry.  Cook down that pumpkin.

This won’t save you from emergencies, like a prepaid grocery pickup losing the prepaid part and will not accept the numbers over the phoneThen there;s unexpected issues with understanding: when the shopper is requested to get red gelatin with sugar, but that was out of stock and wegot the disliked low calorie. old cable line with the central needle gave up the ghost so new shows  and old DVR recordings were inaccessible. Those were bad enough, but needed blankets are still stuck in the drier and tonight’s eat out treat became leftover pasta.

Crane Gears by Kevin Utting, attributed under Creative Commons 2.0

Today would have been much less stressful if some tasks were frontloaded. My muse wilted again from the stress.


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