KRACK attack flack

I saw on a newsletter about a hack that goes through WP2 routers, and that was unsettling. Originally found some time ago, I was hoping there was a firmware update to my router. So, as soon as I had time after dinner I logged in to my wireless router to check.

I was really relieved to see there was an update for my router!

Yay! (yes, my interjections can be really retro) I can do the upgrade and get back to my reading or NaNo prep!

So I select the options to download the firmware upgrade. The download took a bit longer than expected, But I read an already open web article while waiting. The install finished without a chirp.

That should have been the first hint that there was a problem.
After installation finished, a new router login screen appeared. My user name and password for the router failed to work. I tried the default. I tried adding the https to the router address like my browser complained about. I tried the name of my network. Note I repeated all these steps several times with whatever variants I could come up with.

Finally after finding a bunch of pages that told me all the things I already knew, one, ONE, ONE! page on firmware updates mentioned that I might have to reset the router to factory. Note that I could not even log in to get any old customized settings written down or archived to make the full reset more palatable.

Setting up a new router with my ISP is a pain. I remember that stress, and last time I sucked it up to pay someone to get it working after dead air.

The good thing is that I have internet access, but I cannot change anything in my wifi. The bad thing is that there’s a high chance that if I reset, I will lose internet access. Which would you choose?

And old lesson: Save all your settings before upgrades if it’s important.


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