…And There’s that Bleh Point

Like many other people on the NaNo treadmill, I find there’s a pattern to my ups and downs during NaNo. I can’t say X will happen on the seventh day or I have to have a block every Sunday when I have a little more open time.  My cycles vary much more on the particular project and the things in real life that get in the way. (Thank you, half grown dane!)

  1. Stage 1: Hesitancy – Is this the right idea? Did I do too little or too much prep, outlining, names, character summaries?  This lasts only a day or so into November, but takes a LOT of October.
  2. Stage 2: Galloping – once I get started, it’s a full push forward. Not that I can do the ten hour sprints I did in ’07, but any slowdowns or stuck moments to fix a plot issue don’t even last over night. This usually lasts for at least a week and usually about a third of the month. As things are generally going well, it’s not too stressful.
  3. Stage 3: Bleh – This is when the writing has gotten harder, and I have outpaced my more detailed sections outline. I know where the story is supposed to end, but some smaller things added in stage 2 have made the transition to the end hard. This is when I get discouraged and depressed. I’ve discovered that this stage is shorter and easier if I’m doing fanfic,
  4. Stage 4: Home Stretch – The last few days of the month or when I pass 50k I’m either winding down because I finished my plot, or I’m pumping out summares and scenes to get me to the end.

I rotate between stage 2 and stage 3 for most of NaNo usually. Now this year I finally hit stage 3 on the 16th. Grabbing enough time to write has been an big issue, and the 2k a day has been worse this year. My project has promise, but I’m already tired.

Good luck to all the other NaNos too!


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