Time Crunch!

It’s the eve of the beginning of NaNo 2015, and I still have some prep work to scramble for. I want to finish this one last flash story for my October collection. I’m going to be harried for a few days as I have some pressing RL issues, finishing that collection, and starting that 50k words.  Usually, I stop my fanfic writing around the middle of October to do my rough outline and make up some names.

I really really want to so another flash collection every month, to make a backlist, and that may even be a higher priority than NaNo. My original novel length piece, done twice for previous NaNos just sort of crashed because I can only see the edges of something that’s missing.. Alas revision classes and a paid editor are way, way out of the budget, and finding a genre content editor has been an ongoing challenge. That doesn’t give me a lot of confidence that trying a different story will work any better. Right now, I’m just more comfortable with shorter fiction, despite my aspirations.

I’m not sure which I should make priority when push comes to crunch. Some years my muse gets on fire and I write my 55k for NaNo and short stories too, but not every year. The medium range goal of publishing my flash collections vs. the longer range publish a novel length SF/F story. Which is more important for me if time gets tight?


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