It’s the Little Things…

Sometimes it’s the little things that take only a moment that can drive you batty. Vitamins fall into that category. Now I know if I had a well balanced diet fitted to all my health quirks, I wouldn’t need vitamins. Alas family meals also include both a budget and logistic limitations. I could always make my pasta sauce from scratch, cooking down the heirloom tomatoes fresh-picked from my garden, free of salt and preservatives and fillers, but I don’t have that kind of time or energy. So mine starts from a paste and I select the herbs and spices. A compromise diet and vitamins is the option that virtually all of us make.

Vitamins act like a mortar, filling in the chinks in the wall. They are not the entire wall. (any doctor advised increases are separate) So I want my vitamins to be moderate in price and easy to take. Taking horse pills get harder and harder over the years, and I was getting more reluctant to swallow them. I don’t want to be consumer whose pills never dissolve and waste my efforts. So I’ve been shifting to the gummi ones.

That problem is gone, they’re easier to swallow and even have a tolerable fruity gelatin flavor.

But then the gummies all stuck together inside the bottle. Humidity of summer? It’s autumn now and they’re still clinging. If you shake it one or two may separate, but just about every family member has some prescription, so pills are assembled weekly into their little compartments for each. Separating vitamins one at a time if that’s all, might be tolerable, but the gummies are often two per day. you can go nuts trying to separate fourteen from the lump of gummi.

It slides as a lump up and down if you invert the bottle. We tried a fridge, hoping the humidity might be lower, no help. We even tried corn starch, but that makes it look like a bunch of divinity candies. Searching the net produced only the suggestions of shaking it real hard and cool dry places. The wide mouth bottles were to help with prying them out (if the bottles are shorter than your fingers that is, my bottles are twice that tall) I even called the manufacturer, but they had no additional ideas.

Newer bottles have a layer of old fashioned sugar. They don’t stick.

Sometimes the old ways work best.


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