Twice in One Month!

Success! I managed to catch up with one of my major writing goals for last month, I finished my fourth collection. I’m really glad because this collection includes my gothic mystery. The movie Alien combined SF and a gothic Cthulhu menace, but less helpless and free of agency.

Now that it’s October, I need to kick into high gear to prep for NaNo. I want to have a cushion if finished stories, so I can still publish collections for both October and November. My ideas for my NaNo book this year feel to insubstantial to sustain 50k words. Also, I’m starting to regret that I have an unfinished fanfic and readers who deserve an ending after my dawdling…

We’re not even going to think about holiday prep for a week.

SF/F short story collection cover

Necklace of Citrine collection

Any hard won victory can still be lost. Any future denied if foresight is flawed.


On a tiny research station, a poor orphan gets a place as apprentice, but when she arrives she learns that her mentor supposedly committed suicide from space madness. Which secrets are worth a life? In another tale, powerful senator in a cruel empire plans against his brother, who may be his nemesis and death.

Wanting and hard work may not be enough when there are dangerous secrets in these tales of empty wastes and poisonous double dealing.


Earlier collections:

SF/F short story collection cover

Necklace of Lapis collection

Necklace of Amber short story collection

Necklace of Amber

Necklace of Garnet short story collection

Necklace of Garnet


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