How to End it

Jupiter's surface storms

Jupiter’s great red spot, by NASA Godfard Space center, Attributed under Creative Commons 2.0

I started writing a series, told in a few short pieces of a thousand words each. I wanted to mix genres a little, taking the old gothics like Jane Eyre and changing the isolated and desolate moor to empty space, but keeping fear and anxiety. Now since gothic romances have a relatively helpless heroine as a poor governess or pawn of the male lead and/or villain, I knew that part would have to be subverted rapidly.

So I created my setting, an isolated space station far from help, a mysterious death, reasons for fear and anxiety, and a small cast with unstable relationships. Was the suicide cabin fever or something else?

Thing is, my two flash story has hit four and could get much bigger if I’m not careful. I’ve always known who and why they precipitated things but how to bring a conclusion? I’m weighing every bit as I want the finale to be no longer than the first. I’m not exactly having block, but struggling with how to stage the resolution and ending for the central mysteries.

Or I could say hang it all and have aliens arrive and shoot the villain…

But that’s cheating.


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