The Roar of the Avalanche

Warning signpost for avalanch zone

Avalanche warning zone sign. Image by Peter Dutton, under Creative Commons 2.0

At some point in any project, it takes on a momentum and grabs at your time and energy, refusing to let go. I’m working on a project, not related to my original writings, and it has a deadline soon. It’s taking most of my creative energy, but I can’t stop or even slow or I’ll miss my deadline.  I have stories that I’d like to work on, like a flash-fic trilogy mystery, that are bubbling and nibbling at my concentration.

Can’t lose momentum on duller tasks, or I might miss the deadline. Should stop, or I might lose the momentum on the story ideas.  Can’t weigh it out carefully as I can’t afford to lose that time completely; I can do a rational detailed analysis on things like my NaNo 2010 and without that lost forward motion, my muse just sits there and can’t write to the outline.

But I need to do something new.

So my gut certainly is that I need to finish the more boring task as quickly as I can. Stopping to write even a short piece or detailed outline will derail me more than delaying the new stories. But the rocks are sliding for the project, and not doing anything new is so frustrating. (I already did one flash fic, but it took two days and getting back in the groove took another day. No new fic)


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