Whoosh! Was That Another 24 hours?

black whirlpool in the water

Whirlpool by David O’Hare. Attribution under Creative Commons 2.0

Wait, no.  Was that another week, another month?  I opened the month with a mostly setup laptop for my mother.  Then my new laptop arrived.  This one, unlike the last three I ordered, arrived and worked as expected.  But as I had been using a borrowed computer since almost New Years, I had work files, references, and even my business journal still stranded on the old computer.  The holiday, dead water heater, and a HMO issue also did their part in distracting my time and energy.

Both are installed and set up, and an MMO booting verified that the computers could handle graphics and load issues,  Three cheers!  … But the bad thing is that the MMO is soooo pretty now with a very recent release to suck my free time.

I almost feel like I’m in recovery. ‘Hi, my name is Marie, and I play a MMO.”  I like the extra social interaction with adults, especially after small child and many dogs visiting of late.  Despite that I decided to give an old style isometic Pillars of Eternity a try.  (I like it a lot, and there’s many, many life stories tucked away in souls inside the main and side stories. And I’ve missed the more vivid sidekicks you get outside MMOs. This POE is actually helping wean me from the MMO.

Next I gotta write more fiction, I know I had a story idea yesterday but forgot it in the rush of game events, Than burns more than getting smacked in game.


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