As the Word Turns, pt 1

Still leaving aside the continuing drama of computers and routers (latest score: computers limping before final death 2, defective or fraud computer purchases 2, working router 1, router maker reluctant to send a RA 1) I’m trying to keep up on my writing despite these issues. I hit my goals for here and flash stories already.

I returned to work on a revision, because leaving unfinished projects gnaws at me. At issue is that I have three major revisions, one which has a July 1st deadline, the others less strict.  These revisions are jockeying for my attention and I want to work on them all.

But I can’t duplicate myself, and time is limited. I worked on one over the weekend, but while I’m not exactly blocked on it, the rewrite is not exactly flowing either. I planned to start the July one in earnest next month, as it’s copyedit stuff. The third has more extensive revisions and I want the others off the deck first.  Later tonight I may try to coax the one computer in hospice to cough up a gimp-made image for my flash collection.

That and watch Flash tonight.  It’s research… right?



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