Is it illegal to shoot vultures circling over you?

I’m forcing myself to write despite my severe unhappiness with my computer issues.  Not that I have issues with computers, I love the things.  Unless I’m sleeping, exercising, or eating (and I try to cheat a little there), I usually have a computer running in my lap.

But when my old HP workhorse went south it left me more than a little lost.  The only time distraction quiet a little is between midnight and dawn.  So I can sleep or spend half of my days wasted due to sleep deprivation.  At best I think I may be able to try another computer in a week and live on hope.

I’ve been writing a lot of flash stories lately, but they are much grimmer than I prefer.  I wish I knew why.  The only thing I’ve thought of is that horror and fear are quicker and easier to grab in a small space.   Does anyone have a better idea?


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