Competence and that Million Word March

I’m free of an older project now, and I can work on original stuff in between other commitments and that little thing called real life. I was refreshing my memory on positive (and meaningful) reviews in my fanfic writing for the ego boost and I noticed that that one site has 950k words archived. That doesn’t include one-offs on other sites, parody, or commentary so I have written more than I expected when I started.

I started when the end of a story pissed me off. One character just acted in a way I thought was unbelievable; why would an apathetic sleaze who enjoys wallowing in the gutters suddenly become nihilist and want to make a political statement? My muse had never been very interested in writing, I had other hobbies. But my muse when pissed, strangled other hobbies and keeps getting more interesting ideas that I want to write right NOW!

Feeding that muse and keeping it happy has prompted a lot or words. But last time I peeked, it was only half that. Despite disaster and block and a broken key on my keyboard, I hit almost a million words.

Does that mean I’m ready for publication? Not yet. I admit I’m more used to finished world-building, so I only had to worry about characterization and plot. I’m also not going to throw away that first million words. It was good practice and the feedback, good and bad, helped prepare me for trolls and indifference. The thoughtful comments are worth their weight in gold. Editors and proofreaders are too, and if you can find a good beta reader, thank them often and give them whatever cookies you can.


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